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With the Personal Metabolic Profile, we will calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which indicates the number of calories necessary to maintain your weight with no additional exercise or strenuous activity.


With that, we will calculate your ABMR (Adjusted Basal Metabolic Rate) which Indicates the number of calories

necessary to maintain your weight taking your activity level and workout program into account.


At that point, we determine what your Daily Calorie Deficit will be, based on your weekly Projected Weight Loss Goal.


Using this formula, we now determine what your Target Calories per day will be to reach your goals.






You'll receive a 7 day Nutrition Plan that details exactly what to eat, and when to eat it for the entire week.


The Nutrition Plan is designed specifically for you, based on the information you will provide about your goals, daily schedule, food preferences, your past training and dieting history, and your Personal Metabolic Profile.


Your nutrition plan will be designed to provide the right nutrients at the right times during the day, based on your personal schedule and your food preferences, to allow you to most effectively reach your goals.


 You will rotate through this plan each week and we will make any necessary modifications to your plan based on your actual progress toward your goals.



We start by sending you an in depth Nutrition Questionnaire.


This questionnaire inquires about your goals as well as your long time goals for your body.


It asked to describe your current diet and if you have a nutrition plan that you are currently following as well as if there are any foods that you particularly like, or if there are any foods that you do not like.


The questionnaire will asked you to describe your daily schedule during the week and on the weekend and indicate the times of day when you wake up, eat, work, train, sleep, or do any other responsibilities or daily activities that you have.

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